Informative Meetings by the Club's Head Coach

On Sunday, the 18th day of June of the year 2017, informative meetings were held with the parents of children and athletes of different age groups participating in this year’s Summer Nursery organised by Birzebbuga Aquatic and Sports Club. Simon Cutajar, Head Coach of the Club, thoroughly delved into how lessons are conducted, gave an overview of who the coaches of the Club are, and gave information pertaining to the distribution of kits and other ancillary matters. The Club, through hosting such meetings, aims to continue to maintain a strong dialogue with parents and other members of the Club.

U17 Waterpolo Tournament

Our Club is delighted that in its recently inaugurated Pitch, it shall be hosting seven out of the eleven games to be played, including the final which shall take place on the 30th of June 2017 at 20:00hrs.


This Tournament shall be serving as a platform to promote Malta’s swimming facilities, and as an opportunity for Maltese athletes to unite with the athletes of the other participating countries.


Birzebbuga Pitch shall be hosting the following games, which the public is invited to watch, free-of-charge, on the open terrace overlooking the Pitch:


Wednesday 28th June 2017

08:15am - Romagna Sel. (Italy) vs. Vicenza (Italy)

09:15am - Fehervar (Hungary) vs. CN Catalunya (Spain)


Thursday 29th June 2017

08:15am - CN Catalunya vs. Vicenza

09:15am - Romagna Sel. vs. Malta U17


Friday 30th June 2017

08:15am - Fehervar vs. Romagna Sel.

09:15am - Vicenza vs. Malta U17

20:00pm - Final




Malta U17 Tournament Winners


Malta U17 team is the winner of the U17 Water Polo tournament organised by Birzebbuga Aquatic and Sports Club in collaboration with SPR Travel.



Hereunder is a list of the tournament’s results and photos taken throughout the tournament:


Wednesday 28th June 2017 - Birzebbuga Pitch


08:15am - Romagna Sel. (Italy) vs. Vicenza (Italy)



09:15am - Fehervar (Hungary) vs. CN Catalunya (Spain)



Wednesday 28th June 2017 - Marsaxlokk Pitch


18:00hrs - CN Catalunya vs. Romagna Sel.



19:00hrs - Fehervar vs. Malta U17



Thursday 29th June 2017 - Birzebbuga Pitch


08:15am - CN Catalunya vs. Vicenza



09:15am - Romagna Sel. vs. Malta U17



Thursday 29th June 2017 - Malta National Pool


14:30hrs - CN Catalunya vs. Malta U17



15:30hrs - Fehervar vs. Vicenza



Friday 30th June 2017 - Birzebbuga Pitch


08:15am - Fehervar vs. Romagna Sel.



09:15am - Vicenza vs. Malta U17





08:00pm - CN Catalunya vs. Malta U17


Bank of Valletta Knock Out Competition 2017


Birzebbuga Aquatic and Sports Club shall be facing Otters Nivea in the Semi-Final of the BOV Knock Out Competition 2017. The game shall be played on Sunday 13th August at 18:00hrs.


In another game, on Saturday 12th August at 18:00hrs, Marsaskala Transcripta shall be facing the winner of the game between Ta’ Xbiex Amigos and Marsaxlokk Fischer, which shall be played on Wednesday 26th July at 17:30hrs.


The Final shall be played on Saturday 2nd September at 18:00hrs.


The Executive Committee of Birzebbuga ASC invites the Club's supporters to get behind the team and be present at the National Pool in Tal-Qroqq.

Birzebbuga ASC Knock Out 2017 Finalists

OTTERS NIVEA............8



(1-1), (2-5), (2-3), (3-1)


Birzebbuga ASC made it to the BOV Knock-Out Final after beating Otters Nivea 10-8 on Sunday 13th August in front of hundreds of supporters at the National Pool.

Youngster Kurt Gauci netted twice while Sergi Mora scored four goals with his last coming in the dying minutes of the last session with a spectacular long distance shot which gave the Otters’ goalkeeper no chance. The other goals came from Karl Rizzo Naudi, David Pace Lupi, Matthew Caruana and Simon Vassallo, with a goal each.


Birzebbuga ASC shall now be facing Marsaxlokk Fischer in the Final that shall be played on Saturday 2nd September at 18:00hrs.

Birzebbuga ASC 2017 First Division Knock-Out Winners

Birzebbuga ASC beat neighbours Marsaxlokk Fischer 11-10 in a nerve-racking encounter at the National Pool. With this result, Birzebbuga ASC’s captain Neil Cassar lifted the 2017 First Division Knock-Out trophy. Subsequently the team and committee members were welcomed by hundreds of supporters and members of the Club at the recently inaugurated Club premises in Birzebbuga, where together they celebrated this exceptional achievement after an absence of over fifteen years from the waterpolo scene.  



Marsaxlokk: 1 - Nello Xuereb, 2 - Claudio Spiteri De Barro (2), 3 - Luke Calleja (1), 4 - Matteo Cacici, 5 - Christian Gialanze, 6 - Charles Bugeja, 7 - Sean Meli (1), 8 - Zjelko Kovacic (2), 9 - Bryan Buhagiar (1), 10 - Rainier Scerri (2), 11 - Kayne Lanzon (1), 12 - Luke Gialanze, 13 - Reuben Bonnici

Coach: Roman Polacik



Birzebbuga:  1 - David Abela, 2 - Malcolm Manara (1), 3 - Sergi Mora (4), 4 - David Pace Lupi (2), 5 - Ayrton Camenzuli (2), 6 - Andrew Sammut, 7 - Simon Vassallo (2), 8 - Neil Cassar, 9 - Gary Farrugia, 10 - Matthew Caruana, 11 - Karl Rizzo Naudi, 12 - Kurt Gauci, 13 - Daniel Spiteri

Coach: Marco Risso


Referees: Massimo Angileri, Massimo Calabrò


Swimming Academy Courses for Autumn 2017 Launched

Birzebbuga ASC is pleased to announce that it is currently accepting Applications for the upcoming Autumn 2017 Swimming Academy Courses,  open for different age groups.


The Applications and the Schedule / Course Details can be downloaded from the Downloads Section of this website.


Due to limited spaces available, Applications are being accepted on a first come first served basis.


Applications may be sent by email to the Head Coach of the Academy on, with the payment being effected online, as indicated on the Application Form. Otherwise, Applications can be sent by mail to Waterpolo Pitch, Pretty Bay, Birzebbuga BBG1750, accompanied by a cheque payable to Birzebbuga Aquatic and Sports Club.

Freeport is main sponsor of Birzebbuga Aquatic & Sports Club

Malta Freeport Terminals and the Birzebbuga Aquatic & Sports Club have just signed a two-year sponsorship deal that will help the club re-establish itself as a reputable water sports club after an absence of 15 years from the local competitive scene.


The sponsorship, which forms part of the Freeport’s corporate social responsibility, comes after the Birzebbuga Aquatic & Sports Club took possession of their brand new, state-of-the art water sports facilities that was built and financed by the government.

“This is a cause that Malta Freeport Terminals is happy to support, and one that we hope will also contribute to a healthier community,” company CEO Alex Montebello said.

The club, which has been in existence since 1955, currently has around 300 members and it is hoping to entice more people to its new facilities. The aim of the committee is to ensure that the club’s facilities, which cost Maltese taxpayers over €2 million, become relevant to all local residents


The club’s senior team made history in 2017, when at its first foray into competitive water polo after the absence of 15 years, it managed to clinch the First Division knock-out trophy, and in the process, the team beat the reigning champions.

The club is also investing heavily in its youth and this year its Academy had over 350 students. These youngsters were trained in various acquatic disciplines, including swimming, water polo and synchronised swimming. The ages of the students varied from three to 18 years. More than 25 per cent of the students in this year’s academy came from outside the locality.


The Freeport’s financial support will help make the academy accessible to a wider section of the locality’s youth where the club’s culture of discipline, professionalism and inclusion has created an environment conducive to sporting excellence and personal development.

As the official club sponsor, through this agreement Malta Freeport Terminals employees will enjoy quasi membership rights at the club. This means they can enjoy most of the benefits club members enjoy in the use of the club’s facilities and those of the commercial outlets within, including special gym membership rates and discounts on academy courses, pool deck use and catering services among others.


Commenting on the agreement just signed, club president George Farrugia expressed his appreciation that the Freeport has deemed the club worthy of such sponsorship. He expressed his hope that, from its end, the club, like its sponsor, will become another success story in the locality.

The agreement was signed with club president George Farrugia, and club secretary Joseph Esposito.


Source: Times Of Malta 

Birzebbuga ASC present Senior Water Polo Team for 2018

During a special event at the Birzebbuga Aquatic & Sports Club, Birzebbuga ASC officially presented their Senior Water Polo Team for the coming water polo season.


Club President George Farrugia stated what a memorable year this has been for the club.

"2017 was a momentous year for the club.  Not only did we finally see our dreams come to reality after 15 years come to final stage with the completion of our club house, but we had so many milestones" stated Mr. Farrugia.


Amongst these he mentioned the return to competitive water polo with the senior team at First Division Level and the winning of the Knock Out competition at the same level this season.


The securing of the official sponsor Malta Freeport was also given its' importance during the event with the presence of CEO Mr. Alex Montebello who augured the team the best of successes in the coming season.


The Senior team for season 2018 is the following:



David Abela; Daniel Spiteri



Julian Rizzo Naudi; Gary Farrugia;



David Cutajar; Neil Cassar



Simon Vassallo; David Pace Lupi



Stephen Micallef; Karl Rizzo Naudi; Jordan Buhagiar;


The two foreign players engaged by the Birzebbuga Water Polo club are none other than Spanish international Sergi Mora and Montenegrin Darko Brguljan.


Italian head coach Marco Risso will again be at the helm of the team, assisted by Anthony Farrugia and Simon Cutajar.



Source: The Malta Independent 

Membership Invitation 2018

Dear Member


As a member and supporter of our club we are pleased to invite you to apply for your membership renewal  for the coming year.

The year 2017 was a memorable one for us all.  Not only shall did inaugurate our brand new pool and club house, the gymnasium and our first class catering facilities, but our competitive senior team has managed to bring home its first silver when it won the First Division Knock Out Trophy.   And this we did against the brand new league champions.  


For 2018 we are working hard to do even better.


We thank you for your support in 2017 since without your financial contribution, our own capacity to achieve such results would have been much limited. .

As we did in 2017, we are offering substantial early bird discounts to members who apply for  their membership early. These discounts are also featured in the membership renewal form.  As always, the first 3 months of any year are among the hardest financially for the club, and we therefore want to thank you in advance for your support.

On acceptance by the committee of  your membership you will be issued with a New membership card which you will be required to show whenever you want to make use of club facilities and discounts.  Please destroy your 2017 card since this will not be accepted at the club as from 1st January, 2018.


On the other hand, if your application is not accepted, we shall provide you with a full refund of any payment made.


When sending us your application form, please help us reduce our administrative costs by providing us with all the data requested.  The completed form is to be sent, together with your cheque, to the above address.   Better still , a direct payment to the bank account indicated in the Membership Rate Card, would reduce our administrative burdens.


In case of difficulty in completing the form, or for any questions you may wish to ask us, we kindly ask you to send these by email to which we shall  try respond within 24 hours.  If you must use the phone, please use the one indicated above.

The club is looking forward to  welcoming you as a member, once again, of our club to enjoy a most exciting season together in 2018.


On behalf of my committee I wish to extend the warmest greetings to yourself and all your loved ones for the new year.

With best wishes


James Bonnici McIntyre

Club Treasurer