What we stand for



Our Mission


To operate our sports club for the maximum benefit and inclusion of all in our community.


Our Culture


Equal opportunity to all, irrespective of race, color, sex or religion.


Our Challenge


To generate the necessary financial resources that will enable us to run the club on the most professional of standards.


Battle Plan


To achieve the above objective, the Club will endeavour to:


• Organise itself in line with the best professional practice

• To ensure that child protection is the leading light in all our activities

• Provide the optimum environment wherein sports activities will be encouraged

• Ensure that the required finances are available to meet the above challenges.




The club has been in existence since  1955 when the first teams were formed .  In those early days, the waterpolo pitch was setup in open waters. The areas knows as Ta’Nghag and Wied il-Buni were the main localities.  Ta’ Nghag is the area where are current pool is located.


In September 2002 the club went through a major transformation when it restructured itself  through the drafting of a more modern statute that ensures that:


• Members have the ultimate control of the way the club is run

• Professionality and best practice in all activities of the club

• Full protection of children and the vulnerable

• Accountability by all those responsible

• Full compliance with the SPORTS ACT – Chapter 455


According to Article 4 of its own statute, the Club shall be administered by a Committee to be composed of not less than seven and nor more than nine members.







Membership in our Club is open to any adult person over the age of 18 years.

Clause 50 of the statute stipulates that in its review of an application for membership, the committee is prohibited from any sort of discrimination.


Each member, once enrolled, is fully bound by the regulations contained in the statute which also lays down clear guidelines as to behaviour of members and their guests.


Currently the club has around four hundred members.  This is indeed encouraging when one considers that todate the club could not offer any material advantages to our membership.  


The bulk of the current members come from a cross section of the local population, including:


• Ex players

• Ex Committee members

• Residents who wish to encourage local sports

• Residents who seek a social environment wherein to relax and enjoy themselves

• Youths who intend to make Water Polo their major sporting activity







From January 2017 the club will offer to its membership a state of the art facility that will incorporate:



1. A 25mtr x 33.3 mtr fresh water pool.

2. A fully equipped gymnasium

3. 4 separate changing rooms, showers and toilets with private locker.

4. 60 square mtrs meeting & games room equipped with all modern media for public presentation etc

5. 28 square mtrs of administrative office space

6. A 100 seater fully air-conditioned restaurant

7. A 200 seater roof top coffee bar

8. A 150 place sun deck area… ( 10.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs)

9. A evening  sun deck lounge   ( 18.00 hrs to 01.00 hrs )



Our pool will not be heated in its first years of operation, and this because of financial constraints.   However, plans are already in hand for such heating to be installed within the not to distant future.





Our Challenges



Now that the challenge of acquiring new facilities is almost over, our club is facing totally different new challenges  such as:




1. To re-establish itself as a reputable water sports organisation after many years of absence from the local competitive scene.


2. To organize a healthy swimming academy so that our youngsters can find an environment wherein to practice and perfect their favourite sports in safety and under expert supervision.


3. To build up competitive teams in swimming, synchronized  and waterpolo


4. To ensure that our state of the art facilities are maintained to the highest standards possible to ensure safety and hygienic environment for all members.


5. To ensure that this large investment of public funds becomes a public asset that is relevant to most of the local residents.



And none of the above can be achieved without the necessary financial resources.


And for this reason we are currently looking for potential corporate sponsors who share with us the above ideals and who wish to partake in our success.


A Club House to be Proud Of!