Welcome to the official Web Site of the Birzebbuga Waterpolo Club



Birzebbuga, because of its large and protected natural harbor, has sacrificed so much for the economic and industrial development of our nation. One only needs to point to the fuel and gas terminals located in the village with the inherent risks. The power station, just a few miles across the bay that destroyed the scenic views as well as the clean air.   The airport runway, situated a kilometer or two away with aircraft approach right above our heads.  This being a 24/7 facility which never closes for the night, it naturally creates constant noise pollution.  



The Freeport terminal put the icing on this cake since it destroyed what was left of our once beautiful bay and contaminated the village with round the clock noise and light pollution. Through its regular dredging of the sea bed and the movement of large ships within the bay, it also destroyed our sea water waterpolo pitch. The effect of this sand movement on the pitch itself was even visible from space.



The Birzebbuga Waterpolo club had been pushing for the last 16 years to convince the authorities to appreciate this great sacrifice that the people of our village is constantly making on a daily basis.  And we asked that it gives something back to this community.  We did not ask for anything special.  Just the return of what has been taken away from us and sacrificed on the industrial altar.   The rebuilding of all the sports facilities destroyed by the Freeport project, including two football pitches, tennis courts and our own waterpolo pitch would go a long way towards this end.



Plans for a new pitch, prepared and totally financed by our club, were approved by the MALTA ENVIRONMENT & PLANNING AUTHORITY (MEPA) in 2004. However it took another 6 years of continual canvassing, discussions and pressure to finally bring the government to a state where it accepted our arguments and took the political commitment in its budget speech of 26th October, 2010.  



Our dream was coming nearer, but it had to be another 3 years and a change in government, when, on 1st October, 2013,   the actual work on our waterpolo pitch commenced.  Again these were 3 years of constant activities with pushing for an early commencement of the promised club, ensuring that the architectural plans were suitable for our long term needs and that they also provided for cost effective operational costs, once inaugurated.




Our pool was commissioned in November 2015 and we fully made use of it in 2016 as can be seen from various presentations on the club’s social media pages.




The club house should be completed by year end – 2016 and we hope to move in immediately thereafter in January 2017.  




Finally, Birzebbuga shall have a fully functional aquatic sports club… and one to be really proud of.




I thank the committee members who for the last 16 years showed patience, resilience and stamina to keep on the fight for what is rightfully ours against the biggest of odds.  We worked as a united team, each with his own specialism and focus.  But all with the same goal.   I am honored to be part of such a team.




Thank you also to all of you, our supporters and members, who throughout these 16 years of struggle continued to support us even though we had nothing to give you….but your dream.  The result of your support is now there for all to see.  




And it is being dedicated to all of you.




George Farrugia

Club President

23rd December, 2016